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Zak Starkey with:
All-Starr Band 1995

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The All-Starrs returned to the road in 1995, and Zak was again a full member of this All-Starr team which included: John Entwistle, Mark Farner, Randy Bachman, Billy Preston, Felix Cavaliere and Mark Rivera.

Zak and Dad backstageRingo, on having Zak in the band:
"It's always fun. He's my boy! You look over and there's your son playing, it's cool. It's really cool."


To announce the tour, a press conference was held in NYC on May 25th. Rehearsals began May 28th at Barnaby Studios in Vancouver, through June 9th.zak 95 all starr Reportedly the rehearsals included a number of songs that were not played in Japan (or elsewhere):
I'm The Greatest (Ringo)
Weight Of The World (Ringo)
Octopus's Garden (Ringo)
American Woman (Randy Bachman)
Twist And Shout (John Entwistle)
A Beautiful Morning (Felix Cavaliere)
Outta-Space (Billy Preston)

On June 7th, a sampler set was performed for the press at the York Theatre, which included:
Zak and Dad, Japan '95Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go
Honey Don't
Takin Care Of Business
Some Kind of Wonderful
Will It Go Round In Circles
Boris The Spider
With A Little Help From My Friends

Typical Set List

Part 1: Part 2: Ringo's Intermission!
  • Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go (Ringo)
  • I Wanna Be Your Man (Ringo)
  • It Don't Come Easy (Ringo)
  • The Locomotion (Mark Farner)
  • Nothing From Nothing (Billy Preston)
  • No Sugar Tonight (Randy Bachman)
  • People Got To Be Free (Felix Cavaliere)
  • Boris The Spider (John Entwistle)
  • Boys (Ringo)
  • You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Randy Bachman)*
  • You're Sixteen (Ringo)
  • Yellow Submarine (Ringo)
Ringo would leave the stage completely for this segment
  • My Wife (John Entwistle)*
  • Closer To Home (I'm Your Captain) (Mark Farner)
Part 3:
  • Honey Don't (Ringo)
  • Act Naturally (Ringo)
  • Back Off Boogaloo (Ringo) ++
  • Groovin' (Felix Cavaliere)
  • Will It Go Round In Circles (Billy Preston)
  • Takin' Care Of Business (Randy Bachman)*
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful (Mark Farner)*
  • Good Lovin' (Felix Cavaliere)
  • Photograph (Ringo)
* = not performed (or at least not shown) on NHK -Japan broadcast (but were performed Radio City NY)
++ was dropped from most US sets.

  • The No No Song (Ringo)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (Ringo)

Japan Dates

Ringo arrived in Japan on June 12th, and held a press conference with the band on the 13th in Tokyo.

The tour began June 14th 1995 in Morioka Japan. They played 11 dates in Japan, ending with June 28th in Hamamatu. FULL VENUE LIST

John and Zak, RCMH, NYCThe Jun. 27th 1995 concert at Budokan Hall was taped by NHK Television. It was an abbreviated version that they would repeat at various venues when time was a factor (especially on the 2 show and multi-billed Festival dates). The biggest disappointment with this TV version is that John Entwistle's "My Wife" was cut from this show. For me and many others, this was one of the top highlights of the set, with terrific interaction going on between Zak and John.
(However, it can be seen in the video floating around of Radio City NY and Atlantic City NJ to name but a few.). This is also the show that serves as the source of the Blockbuster CD release.

A very detailed recap of the Japan Tour can be found on Hiro Satou's Beatles In Japan.

USA Dates

Ringo and company left Japan on June 29th. The US Tour opened July 2 in St. Louis, and include 46 dates scheduled to end 8/28/95 in San Diego. (8/31-9/3 for the MGM Las Vegas - eight shows - were canceled early on due to dispute with MGM). The tour abruptly ended on Aug 25,1995, when Ringo (and Zak) flew to London to be with daughter Lee following her collapse on the 24th in London. This made the Seattle 8/23 the final show. Four dates were canceled: 8/25 - Hilton Amphitheatre, Reno; 8/26 Monterey Fairground Apple Valley, CA; 8/27 County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA; and 8/28 - Humphrey's by the Sea, San Diego, CA. There had also been tentative September dates for South America scheduled prior to the tours cancellation. FULL VENUE DATES

Lee Starkey had collapsed and was taken to a London hospital, where she was treated for fluid on the brain, and the cause reported as unknown. Then after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, called an ependymoma, she underwent surgery for it's removal on Sept 16th 1995 at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. It was reported successfully removed, and she underwent six weeks of daily radiation following her release from the hospital.

At first it looked like there would be no official releases of video or audio from this tour, because the shows scheduled to be recorded and video taped ended up canceled due to Ringo's daughter taking seriously ill. However, the pro-shot Japanese TV video made very early on, and broadcast on Japanese Satellite TV, later surfaced for the Aug 1997's "Blockbuster Stores CD" release!

Tour Book Credits

Tour program credits this time do not link directly to Zak as in 1992, but included in the "Special Thanks for Support" section are:
zak in 1995 tourbook
  • John Goode & Drum Workshop Drums
  • Bob Wiczling & Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks
  • Ludwig Drums [Ringo]
  • Remo Drum Heads
  • Pro-Mark Sticks [Ringo]
  • DW Drums
  • Toca Percussions
  • Drum Paradise
The drum technician was, once again, Jeff Chonis.

All-Starr #3 Releases: (w/Zak)


Sally w/Zak -HoustonFANS IN ACTION!

Concerts "in the round" are mighty tempting!
Just ask Sally G! She managed to mosey on up to Zak during the July '95 show in Houston TX, while her pal snapped the evidence! She reports that Zak didn't miss a beat!

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Special mention: Set lists, tour dates, venues, etc have been compiled from various sources over the years. However, THE major source that verified and corrected this information was the awesome book by Chip Madinger and Mark Easter entitled: Eight Arms To Hold You - The Solo Beatles Compendium - Covering recordings, releases, tours, tv, film, video and more!
Find out more and order your copy at

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