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Miscellany:  Zak '95

 Are You Good at Crosswords?

Try your hand at this crossword puzzle designed by Zak!
It can be found in the 1985 book:
The Language Of Rock N Roll, by Bob Young & Micky Moody
The small but not Insignificant Crossword: Compiled by Zak Starkey

  • 1 - Robert who knows the principle of moments (5)
  • 7 - Prince's downpour (6,4)
  • 9 - Wakeman journeyed to this part of the earth (6)
  • 10 - The condition of Quo (6)
  • 11 - George Martin's studio is above others (6)
  • 12 - Invisible to the police (3)
  • 13 - What Max Splodge does (7)
  • 17 - To knock down king or queen (6)
  • 18 - Blondie ate to it, Jackson did it (4)
  • 20 - DJ out of captivity (7)

  • 21 - Springsteen asks for a tent (5,2)
  • 23 - Traffic's less in water (4)
  • 24 - Singular instant in love for art of noise (6)
  • 25 - Ad-dance, corpses are able to (4,3)
  • 27 - Seventies band featuring Tony Ashton, Jon Lord and Ian Paice that gave activity life (1,1,1)
  • 28 - HM band formed by ex-scorpions, UFO guitarist (1,1,1)
  • 29 - You couldn't do this to an offer Mr Brando might make (6)
  • 31 - Mr Smith who sings from the big chair (4)
  • 32 - Mexican Rockers (3,5)
  • 33 - Is rap confused by
    coming in twos (5)
xword puzzle
  • 1 - Welcome to the pure sale mode (8,4)
  • 2 - Jay from Bucks Fizz (5)
  • 3 - Adolescent stomp from The Sweet (7,7)
  • 4 - Customers who push the boat out (7)
  • 5 - Punk's gob (4)
  • 6 - Drums that catch you (6)
  • 8 - Once more and once more for 10 across (5)
  • 14 - 21 across finds out where he was brought into the world (4,2,3,3)
  • 15 - Those who use are these (5)
  • 16 - Sade's gemstone existence (7,4)
  • 19 - 'D. RENT' as a style or direction (5)
  • 22 - 1977 Fleetwood Mac hit (4,4)
  • 25 - Hellishly condemned punk band (6)
  • 26 - Heavenly body Rod Stewart borrowed from Jimi Hendrix (5)
  • 27 - Townshend, Paul and Mary (5)
  • 29 - Diamond had a rambling one (4)
  • 30 - Clumsily failing record (4)

Need to check your answers? (or just cheat?)
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OK now, Let's play Jeopardy!!!

The answers are from The 1995 Christmas Jeopardy episode:

Category #9 "Drummer Boys"

for $200: The character, Animal, has often played the drums on this TV Show.
What is The Muppets?
for $400: This drummer got his acting debut in the starring role of Corky in the 1950s TV show "Circus Boy."
Who is Micky Dolenz? (drummer for The Monkees)
for $600: He noted that his 1992 album, "Time Takes Time" is `the only album I've done sober.'
Who is Ringo Starr?
for $800: A drummer himself, he is Ringo's son.
Who is Zak (Starkey)?
for $1000: He was The Who's drummer until he died on September 7, 1978.
Who is Keith Moon?

What? No "Audio Daily Double"!!!

Again The Ever Popular Subject of Trivia

A.S.a.P contest card

This time it's an "Exclusive Competition" card that came with the A.S.a.P single (UK) of "Down The Wire". The prize was Adrian Smith's E.S.P Mirage Custom guitar, and a later chat with Adrian backstage at an upcoming Iron Maiden gig. To win, one had to correctly answer three questions:

Also required was a "tie breaking slogan in the most original and appropriate fashion, in not more than 10 additional words: I Should Win Adrian's Guitar Because - - -". Deadline for entry was May 1, 1990

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Psst... Wanna buy a used car mate?

the carZak's 1984 Mercedes-Benz AMG 190 E2.3 hand-me-down was auctioned at BCA's Classic & Historic sale on July 31, 2004. The car was personally imported to the UK in 1984 by the first owner Mr. Richard Starkey who also ordered the £10,000 conversion to AMG wide-body specification. [Done by Strattons Ltd; a full AMG body kit, steering wheel, colour keyed alloy wheels and grille, lowered suspension, exhaust system and an AMG 2.3-litre engine upgrade]. In 1989 registration was transferred to Lornington Ltd., (Mr. Starkey's Company), and then to Barbara (Bach) Starkey and finally to owner at time of auction, Zak Starkey.
The catalogue estimate was £5,000. It sold for £8,550 following some highly competitive bidding.

Drumstick Collector Pete Lavinger

In the premiere issue (#1, Oct/Nov 2004) of GIANT Magazine, there is an article about fanatical collectors [The Collectors, by Kirk Miller, pg 130]. article photoOne of the collectors profiled is Peter Lavinger, drumstick collector extreme. When a portion of his stick collection was displayed at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (display seen in article photo left), Zak's personally signed sticks were included.

In the GIANT article he gave high praise to Zak's drumming:
Highlights: If you're a classic rock fan, Lavinger has hard-to-get wares from Ringo Starr; Ringo's son Zak Starkey, who currently plays with the Who ("Best drummer today," says Lavinger); ...

Check out Peter's website:

Kathy's favorite Drummer jokes:

Q: Why do drummers always leave drum sticks on the dashboards of their cars?
A: So they can park in the Handicapped spaces.
Q: What do Ginger Baker and Seven-Eleven coffee have in common?
A: They both suck without Cream!
Q: How many drummers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Twenty. One to hold the light bulb, and 19 to drink until the room spins.
A: Two. One to screw in the bulb, the other to tell him how Neil Peart would have done it better.

Look! More Drummer Jokes!

Interesting Links of all kinds!!!

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