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Zak Starkey's Work with:
The Who - 2009

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Early in the year ...

March and a bit of April saw the end of the tour that had begun in 2008 - winding up down under in Australia.

Later in the year ...

Roger went out on his own for his "Use of Lose It" US tour. Which got favorable responses from audience and critics.

Join Together ...

In October, (Oct 30, 2009 - Roger announced that there would be a WHO ROCK BAND released in 2010. However when contacted, a Harmonix spokesman said that while they are working closely with the Who they had nothing to announce ar this time. Stay tuned ...


Nov 12, Jimmy Traina's Hot Clicks blog on leaked the fact, er, rumor, that The Who will be performing at half-time during Superbowl XLIV, Feb 7, 2010 in Miami.

On Nov 13, posted a news item ( calling the rumor "Pure speculation". Funny thing is (well, not so funny, rather typical) that news item is now GONE! link draws a blank entry now [16 Nov].

On Nov 17, declares the rumor true, based on insider info.

Of course for all kinds of logistical reasons, this HAD to have been arranged AGES ago - but the "official announcement" from NFL and Band is due thanksgiving day (Nov 26th). Don't want to spoil 'officialness' now do we?

It was all "OFFICIAL" as of Nov 26th!

see 2010 for more details!

All-Star Tribute ... ?

In Nov (Nov 24, 2009, Pollstar reported that there was apparently an All-Starr tribute to The Who scheduled for March 2 at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Carnegie's website listed the event as "The Music of The Who" with "artists to be announced". Hmm ...


Greatest Hits - The Who
coverGeffen releases this Greatest hits shortly after the Superbowl announcment. It is a rework of "Then & Now" and still contains "Real Good Looking Boy" with Zak on drums.

Full release info 2009



2009 Down Under

The Who played 7 gigs down under including one at the 2009 Australian Grand Prix as well as one in New Zeland

-- more details


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