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The Who - 2010

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Media rumors surfaced in early November of 2009, (grapevine ones much earlier!), with the official announcement coming Nov 26th. The Who would perform at "the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show on CBS Sports at Dolphin Stadium in South Florida on Sunday, February 7.

Another greatest hits, this time live and iTunes exclusive

Following what seems like only DAYS since the announcement of the Dec 21 st Greatest Hits release is the announcement of a LIVE Greatest hits that will only be available from iTunes. This one features some Zak stuff too - live stuff from 2002 - 2009.

Some more live gig rumblings ...

An article from Jan 2010 on Italian website Corrierre Del Veneto about the acts coming to the area this summer *seem* to indicate that The Who are booked to play Verona on July 12

"L’Arena torna ad essere l’olimpo della musica con big internazionali come la regina dell’R&B Alicia Keys (unica data italiana, 2 maggio), lo swing di Michael Bublé (22 maggio), la voce graffiante di Rod Stewart (unica data italiana, 21 giugno) e il ritorno, dopo il memorabile concerto “bagnato” dell’11 giugno 2007, degli Who (unica data italiana, 12 luglio). Ad impreziosire ulteriormente un cartellone che regalerà ancora molte sorprese il concerto di Ennio Morricone, l’11 settembre, nel decennale della sua storica performance. "

translation from Google: "The Arena returns to the Olympus of music with ..., the Who (the only Italian date, 12 July)...

However, these plans may be off if you believe what Pete says in the Billboard interview ( 2010-01-29 with Ray Waddell). quoted below ...

How did you and Roger Daltrey decide to play the Super Bowl halftime Show?
We thought about it quite hard. I think Roger was doubtful that we should do it this year. We played Australia last year in March and we were considering going on and doing some more touring, and quite a lot later on this year. And then I got quite engrossed in writing, and told Roger that I would probably need another year to write. So we cancelled plans for this year. We were going to play at Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz festival, we had all kinds of things planned, so I persuaded Roger we should do the Super Bowl to kick those events off. And then decided that I couldn't do that work later this year because I felt I had to continue to write. So this must have been on the cards for quite a long time, but I think we made a final decision to go ahead in October or something like that.

Teenage Cancer Trust 2010

Without much previous rumor, the word that The Who would be performing QUADROPHENIA at Th Royal Albert Hall for TCT was let slip by Pete in an interview about the Superbowl appearance. The interview given to Billboard and published online by Billboard DID NOT mention the TCT in the response to question 2. However, when ABCNews picked up the Billboard story ( 2010-01-29 By Ray Waddell), they DID print the TCT info:

Billboard: Most bands that play the Super Bowl use it as a platform to announce other projects.
Townshend: The only two shows Roger and I are committed to together so far are the Super Bowl and then a concert version of "Quadrophenia" at Royal Albert Hall in March (for the Teenage Cancer Trust). My hearing trouble makes it quite difficult for me to work in a studio for long periods of time. I have to be quite careful not to work too much or not to tour too much.

It was officially announced by TCT on Feb 1st that The Who would perform Quadrophenia on Tues March 30, 20101. Tickets went on sale Feb 5th.

Join Together ... More songs for Rock Band

While Daltrey's quip back in Oct 09 seemed to mean an entire THE WHO ROCK BAND was in the works, what IS coming is another downloadable song for the Xbox - this time taken from the Who's Superbowl appearance and made available immediately after the game.



The Who's Greatest Hits Live
This is a Geffen/UMg "itunes only" release, featuring 22 live tracks, 4 from 2002-2007!
The Who Super Bowl S-mashup
Rock Band download to be made available following the game.

Full release info 2010



Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show

-- more details


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