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Zak Starkey and Eddie Hardin's:
Wind In The Willows

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updated.gifNOW available for the first time on CD!
new-rd.gifJune 2004 - ALAB Eddie Hardin's Autobiography now available! Signed copies available through his website!

Zak Starkey and Eddie Hardin's musical collaborations date back to Zak's early 1980's studio session days. Zak did quite a bit of sessions at Eddie's studios, both for him and with him for others. This is a project of Eddie's that Zak apparently had a great deal of input. He is noted as co-producer, and has co-writer credits on one track as well.

This is a musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's book of the same name. In the liner notes of a later live presentation, Eddie writes says of the original LP creation:
"Zak Starkey, son of Ringo, was my assistant throughout! He would read chapters and remind me of their theme, and the same afternoon I would write a song to compliment this theme. We devoted two very happy years into the creation of the songs..."

There was talk of staging this in London in 1985/86, but it didn't happen. Eddie did pull together another group of his talented friends (including Zak) to perform a musical stage production for German TV in 1991

Original Release:

cd cover

Eddie Hardin and Zak Starkey's musical version of

featuring Donovan, Eddie Hardin, Joe Fagin, Chris Thompson, Steve Hackett and others
1985 President Records, London, England (PTLS 1078)


  • Keyboards - EDDIE HARDIN
  • Drums & Percussion - ZAK STARKEY
  • Electric Guitars - RAY FENWICK and CHRIS THOMPSON
  • Bass Guitar - MIKE O'DONNELL, except "Piper At the Gates of Dawn" - JOHN ENTWISTLE
  • Lead Guitar on "Wind In the Willows" - STEVE HACKETT



  • Side One:
    1. Wind In The Willows - (Instrumental) - STEVE HACKETT
    2. Good Morning to You - EDDIE HARDIN
    3. I'd Forgotten How To Smile - VAL McKENNA and JOE FAGIN
    4. The Wild Wood - TONY ASHTON
    5. The Badger - CHRIS THOMPSON
  • Side Two:
    1. I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow - JOE FAGIN
    2. Mr. Toad - TONY BARTON
    3. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - CHRIS THOMPSON
    4. Wayfarers All - EDDIE HARDIN
    5. Wind In The Willows - DONOVAN

All titles written by EDDIE HARDIN
except: " The Wild Wood " by EDDIE HARDIN & ZAK STARKEY;
and " Mr. Toad " by EDDIE HARDIN & TONY BARTON.

All songs published by D.L.Songs.

The "thank you's" seem to indicate that it was recorded at Eddie Hardin's home studio, though it is not mentioned by name.
At the time of it's release, it was rumored that many contributors were not "officially listed" to help keep the costs-royalties down.

45 label

A 45 rpm single was also released
Eddie Hardin - Good Morning To You / Wayfarer's All
President PT538

On the label, Eddie is listed as artist, and
Zak is listed as Co-producer and as co-artist
of the LP it is taken from. This label also says
that it was recorded at Herne Place Studios


*NOTE: The Angel Air release of the live CD Wind In The Willows: A Rock Concert features two bonus tracks that are from the studio LP's sessions: The Life We Left Behind, sung by Denny Laine; and Looking Forward To Tomorrow, sung by Billy Ocean

CD coverThis LP was made available as "Eddie Hardin's Wind In The Willows - A Love Story" privately produced through Eddie's official site in 2000, prior to the Purple Records release, and is no longer available.

NEW CD Release

CD coverEddie Hardin And Guests - Wind In The Willows

Purple Records - PUR 327 (Jan 2002)

Purple's list of special guests on the CD (in addition to the ones listed on the original LP cover) include Maggie Bell, Denny Laine And Annie Haslam. It compares the album to the 70's Butterfly Ball project (something that many Deep Purple fans are familiar with) and states that this will be the original studio LP, plus a number of previously unreleased bonus tracks from the studio sessions, an early demo featuring Ian Paice, and two tracks from an all star live performance of the work that feature Jon Lord and Graham Bonnet. buy at
also available directly through Purple Records Catalog

Track List:

01 - Birds In My garden
02 - Wind In The Willows
03 - Good Morning To You
04 - I'd Forgotten How to Smile
05 - The Wild Wood
06 - The Badger
07 - I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow
08 - pt 1 -  Mr. Toad
       pt 2 - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
09 - Wayfarers All
10 - Wind In The Willows
[Tracks 1 - 10: Original Studio Album]

11 - I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow
12 - The Life We Left Behind
13 - Ain't No Other Reason
14 - I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow
15 - Wind In The Willows
16 - Maggie's Theme
17 - Where Would We Be (demo)
[Tracks 11 - 17: Studio Out-takes and demos]

18 - Fairground Fantasy
19 - Why Can't We Go Home
20 - Main Theme
[Tracks 18 - 20: Live Tracks from 1991]

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