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Zak Starkey with:
The Who - Live 2002!

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UK Warm-up and Teenage Cancer Trust Gigs

zak - tct 020802The Who announced that they were going to participate in the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts to take place at The Royal Albert Hall in Feb of 2002. They played two nights of the week long series. In order to prepare, they also played 3 "warm-up" gigs outside of London in smaller, intimate venues.
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Rehearsals June 2002

While they were appearing at the Royal Albert Hall, dates for a US Summer Tour were announced. The band held a week long rehearsal in June to prepare.
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US Summer Tour - Dates, setlists and details!

The night before the US Tour was to begin, John Entwistle died of a heart attack in his Hard Rock Hotel room. The extremely difficult decision to go on was made, and the tour began July 1 ...
dates and details

UK Fall Tour Dates??

Prior to John's death, there were rumors of a Fall UK tour. Afterwards, there was talk of a grand Tribute event (but turned out to be a small, intimate memorial). Rumors of the band playing at the Teenage Cancer Trust events in March of 2003 also seemed a bit premature.

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