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Zak Starkey live with:
Penguins 2011

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Penguins surfaced on MySpace around September of 2006 and began to slowly post tracks and photos. But the band saved their live debut for July of 2008.

During these 2008 gigs, the band consisted of:

The 2011 live line-up so far has been just Zak and Sshh. They performed one London gig and the Beady Eye gigs as a duo. Word on the streets is that they are actively putting together a band, but line-up is unclear at this time.

2011 - Penguins to Open For Beady Eye

beady eyeAfter the messy break up of Oasis in August 2009, Liam quickly reassembled the remainders of the band sans Noel, and formed Beady Eye (Liam, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock).

In January 2011 they announced March 'inaugural' dates and then a proper April 2011 UK tour to follow the release of their debut album "Different Gear, Still Speeding". They will also be touring the Japan, the US and Europe.

On Feb 15th, the official Beady Eye website announced that PENGUINS would be supporting the upcoming Edinburgh and Newcastle gigs (which were already sold out!).

Beady Eye are pleased to announce that Zak Starkey's band Pengu!ns ** will be supporting at their forthcoming sold-out gigs in Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Zak - son of a certain famous 'mop-topped' drummer - has previously played drums with The Who, Johnny Marr, Paul Weller as well as Oasis, with whom he recorded and toured for several years. In addition to Pengu!ns, Beady Eye will be supported by Steve Cradock and Cheap Freaks during their UK tour.

** links directly to the old MySpace penguins website ...

Live Details:

Apr 09 2011-London - Queen of Hoxton - This Feeling
flyerperformed as duo
April 18th - Edinburgh - Corn Exchange - opening for BEADY EYE
sold out - The April tour was announced Jan 25th and the tickets went on sale Jan 28th. Penguins opened, apparently as a duo.
April 20th - Newcastle - O2 Academy - opening for BEADY EYE
sold out - The April tour was announced Jan 25th and the tickets went on sale Jan 28th. Penguins opened, apparently as a duo.
May 27 2011 - London - Vibe Bar - This Feeling (??? maybe ???)
version1 version 2
This flyer was up on This Feeling's website the first week of May - listing Penguins as one of the Live Sets, and the online event description named them twice. However, when I checked back May 17th, a NEW flyer and description was up - and PENGUINS were no longer mentioned for this date.

June 2 2011 - Dalston / Hoxton - The Stag's Head - supporting Shoestrung
flyera last minute announcement of support slot at The Shoestrung's regular "Lovers Club" gig.
June 5 2011 - Leeds - O2 Academy - Opening for Kasabian
June 7 2011 - Wolverhampton - Civic Hall - Opening for Kasabian
July 9 2011 - Leicester - Firebug Bar - supporting Superevolver
flyerSuperevolver, Pengu!ns, The Rassoodocks + more, 8pm
1 Millstone Lane, Leicester
July 29 2011 - London - Roundhouse - opening for Kasabian - iTunes Festival
 Pengu!ns will be supporting - All tickets are free - you have to win them - enter at:
July 23 2011 - Stoke Newington - The Baby Bath House - SwitchBlade
Pengu!ns Facebook page says they will be here on th 23rd. even tho they are not listed on the official site/line-up (as of the 22nd).
Oct 7, 2011 - Edinbugh - The Caves - This Feeling
posterPengu!ns headlining, with Dexters, The Stagger Rats and Modernfaces
Oct 22, 2011 - MAnchseter - Sound Control - This Feeling
posterPengu!ns headlining, with Dexters, The Janice Graham Band, The rainband
Oct 28, 2011 - London - The Vibe Bar - This Feeling
posterPengu!ns with Dexters, The Stagger Rats and Modernfaces
Various attendees reported mixed crowd reactions as well as some "audience participation" !
Pengu!ns - phot by Annie HeadPengu!ns - photo by Annie Head
Dec 01 2011 - Xenz - Cloud Cuckoo Land Solo Exhibition - London
Pengu!ns performed as part of the after-party for the private opening os Xenz's Cloud Cuckoo Land solo art exhibition at Blackhall Studios, London
Dec 14 & 15 - O2 Arena - London - opening for Kasabian and Miles Kane
Pengu!ns will opn these shows which will feature the addition of new drummer Darren Mooney (Primal Scream)


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