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2001 Appearances

110301otaset.gifNov 3, 2001 - ON THE AIR - at The Borderline - Charing Cross, London
Simon Townshend, Mark Brzezicki (of Big Country), Tony Butler (of Big Country) reunited as On The Air! for this one-off show celebrating the recent Track Records CD release of OTA material.
The evening began with two solo acoustic sets. One by Simon, and the other by the very talented Tony Butler.
Simon's set consisted of: I'm Alright, The Way It Is, Girl In New York, Ecstasy Heaven
The the band ON THE AIR took the stage together for the first time in 20 years and delivered a brilliant set of old, not so old, and brand new tunes!
Set list: Typically English, Another Planet, First Time, Ages, Soul Searching, Raised, Good Boys, Jimmy Dub, Save Me from Me
Encore: Our Time, Until Tomorrow
Check out Kim+Lester's fab full detailed review!
July 31, 2001 - Grape Street Pub - Y100 Night - Philadelphia PA
Again Simon and the band took some time off from recording to hit the stage as part of Radio Station Y100's regular tuesday night showcase. Simon, Scott Bricklin (guitar), Pete Donnelly (bass) and Andy Kravitz (drums) were the thrid of four bands playing that night, and the tiny venue was packed!
They played: Save Me From Me, Sex Change, Raised, Ages, Our Time (new version), Blind As A Bat, Highness and Fly Away (with David Rowan on guitar)
July 29, 2001 - House Of Blues - Cambridge MA
This time Simon had his band with him! The opening act was Simon himself, solo acoustic. He played a strong 6 song set that included: Comeback, The Way It Is, Experience, Girl In New York, Ecstasy Heaven, and Somewhere Out There.
Then Simon was joined on stage by the band: Andy Kravitz on drums, Scott Bricklin on lead guitar (he played bass back at the June Philly show - amazing musician!), and on bass was Pete Donnelly (sp?). You would have never known that this configuration had never played together before, because they set the place on fire!!!
The band played: Save Me From Me, Sex Change, Raised, Ages, Soul Searching, Our Time (new version), Fly Away, Blind As A Bat, and Highness
Encore: No Angel (solo), I'm The Answer (band)
July 28, 2001 - Maxwells - Hoboken NJ
Some confusion reigned surrounding this gig. At first, this was a scheduled gig for the band Guided by Voices, and Simon was booked to be the opening act, and he was planning a brief solo acoustic set. The show was SOLD OUT. Ten days prior to the gig, the drummer of GBV injured his hand and the band canceled. Maxwell's offered the headlining spot to Simon!! Due to various commitments, Simon's top notch band was not available for this date, so Simon performed the entire show acoustic solo. AND WHAT A SHOW! One of the best solo shows on record - extremely strong voice, marvelous playing, and high energy!
Set list: Save Me From Me, Sex Change, Raised, Ages, Soul Searching, Comeback, Our Time (newly revised version!), Fly Away, Experience, Blind As A Bat, Highness, I'm The Answer, The Way It Is, Ecstasy Heaven, and the audience requested Somewhere Out There which ended with the best jam yet!
Though it would have been nice to have had Simon's music exposed to what would have surely been a receptive sell out crowd, fans and newcomers this night were treated to one of his best solo gigs to date!
grst1_wb.jpgJune 27, 2001 - The Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia PA
While recording at The Brick Yard in Philadelphia with engineer, producer, drummer Andy Kravitz, Simon couldn't wait to show off his new material! So, while in town recording, he and three piece band (Andy on drums, Scott Bricklin on bass) took the stage at the local live music pub! Their very energetic, enthusiastic and joyful set began shortly after midnight, and featured a few new tunes: Save Me From Me, Sex Change, Raise (originally "The Next Fly" now with new title, reworked lyrics), Ages, Soul Searching, No angel, The Way It Is, Fly Away, Ecstasy Heaven, Blind As A Bat, Highness.

Mar 17, 2001 - SXSW Festival - Austin Scottish Rite Theatre, Austin Texas
This is an huge [and maybe too huge ...] annual festival showcasing music from around the globe.
Set list: Come Back, Time the Healer, Experience, The Way It Is, Our Time, Soul Searching, Ages, Shine Your Light, Medicine, Save Me From Me
Mar 16, 2001 - American Ski Classic Benefit - Dobson Ice Areana - Vail Colorado
This concert will benefit of the Christopher Reeve Foundation and the US Disabled Ski Team through the Vail Valley Foundation. Billed as Roger Daltrey and Peter Frampton with special guests (Gary Brooker, Simon Townshend and Nikki Lamborn), the show followed a format similar to the British Rock Symphony project, only minus the symphony. The band was made up of Jeff Whitehorn on lead guitar, Mark Clark on bass, Simon Townshend on acoustic/rhythm guitar, Ben Townshend on drums, and Keith Levenson on keyboards.
Feb 27, 2001 - As Special Guest of Amy Fairchild - 12 Bar Club, London
During Amy's encore, Simon took the stage as her special guest and he performed Soul Searching and Ages.
You can view the entire concert thanks to Amy Fairchild's site!

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