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1999 Appearances

ST Somerley BRS - Thanks Kim+Lester!The British Rock Symphony
Euro Tour, Summer 1999
David Fishof took his BRS concept on the road in Europe this summer. (one show in Spain, the rest in the UK). Special guest vocalists included Roger Daltrey, Gary Brooker, and Paul Young. The core Rock band included Zak Starkey on drums, and Simon on Guitar! Simon played both acoustic and electric; provided much backing vocals, and was even given a solo slot (sometimes two!) singing "Blackbird" and "Norwegian Wood". Tour details, show set lists and reviews
Arlene Grocery, 95 Stanton St, NYC
March 26, 1999
Another brilliant acoustic set w/Ben, a bit shorter than the night before:
Set list was: Blind as a Bat, Come Back, Highness, Experience, Until Tomorrow, Way It Is, I'm Alright, Our Time, Somewhere Out There, Ecstasy Heaven, Save Me, I'm the Answer.
The House of Blues, Cambridge MA
March 25, 1999
A terrific acoustic set with son Ben!! Featured most of the new CD, plus old faves from Among Us as well as a brand NEW song!
Blind As A Bat, Comeback, Highness, Experience, Until Tomorrow, Way It Is, I'm Alright, Our Time, Goodbye Everything, Ecstasy Heaven, Medicine, Save Me, I'm The Answer, Company, No Angel, Somewhere Out There, Girl In New York, So Sleep, Pie In The Sky
WXRV 92.5 FM, The River, Haverhill/Boston
March 24th, 1999
This was a live in-studio appearance on the stations "New Frontiers" segment.
A nice interview mixed with a live performance and sampling from the CD:
Intro/interview; Our Time (live); more interview; Blind As A Bat (from CD);closing comments. (runs about 18 minutes)
North Star [The Evening Star], Brighton, UK
March 20, 1999
Highness, Comeback, Experience (available on Simon's Bare Bodies Bare Assetts CD), Way It Is, Blind As A Bat, I'm Alright, Ecstasy Heaven, Somewhere Out There, Goodbye Everything, I'm The Answer, Company, Our Time, Save Me, Medicine, Until Tomorrow, Girl In New York
encore #1: So Sleep
encore #2:Somewhere Out There, Our Time

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