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Zak Starkey at:
Bal de la Rose Pop 2002

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BACKGROUND: The annual "Bal del la Rose" is held in Monaco to benefit The Princess Grace Foundation

In 2002, it was held on March 16 in the The Star Room of the Sporting Club Monte Carlo. The theme this year was "Pop", and the room was decorated just like it belonged on the set of Austin Powers. The entertainment included performances by Marianne Faithful and Ringo Starr!

Backing Ringo was a band that included:
© MonteCarlo Press Zak Starkey - drums
Jason Starkey - drums
Peter Gordeno - bass
Gary Nuttall - guitar
Bernie Marsden - guitar
and others ...
larger photo and more at the Monte-Carlo Press

Any further details - including photos are wanted!

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Created: April 2, 2002 
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