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Zak Starkey live with The Who:
Quadrophenia Tour 1996

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Nov 8 2005 - "Tommy and Quadrophenia Live" 3 DVD set released features an entire Quad performance (from 96 footage)

USA and UK 1996

After another slight staging revision, Quad hit the road, this time billed as "The Who".

The other major changes involved the departure of Phil Daniels, and Geoff Whitehorn. A live narrator was no longer part of the presentation. Instead, a younger Jimmy was doing the narrating on the video screen, which featured new and reworked video segments; For some, this tended to take away some of the "theatrical" feel of event. But Pete explains:

"I think we confused things a bit by having a boy called Jimmy on the screen, a narrator called Jimmy on the stage in the shape of Phil Daniels and then Jimmy's various inner voices strutting about the stage. It got a bit confusing. We're in the process of tidying that up a bit. We're shooting a lot of film, another half-a-million dollars worth of movie." - PT to Ira Robbins, Oct '96

With the departure of Geoff Whitehorn, the excitement level rose considerably among fans who had been clambering for Pete to pick up the electric and wail! But he was making no promises:

"I'm playing a bit of electric guitar. My brother Simon is still playing most of the work, but I decided I would actually get myself a rig like the one I used in '89, which certainly didn't hurt my ears, and play a few solos, basically because I felt that Geoff Whitehorn was getting a bad rap. I thought he played beautifully and elegantly, and people seemed to think in some way that he shouldn't have been there. So I just thought that I would bow to public opinion and play a bit of electric." - PT to Ira Robbins, Oct '96

The hopes of fan's who attended the first two shows of the tour were not dashed. Pete played electric almost the entire show. But beginning with Vancouver, he was making his stage entrance with an acoustic, which he would hang on to until "The Rock" and "Love Reign O'er Me". The initial reason given (by Bob Pridden to an inquisitive fan) was on account of Pete tearing his thumb nail in Tacoma. Fan's prayed for it's quick recovery. Pete would then go on to say that he was just getting too into it, and fearing what that might lead to, he decided to cut back. Simon was up to the task, though it seems from fan reports it may have taken a night or two for him to settle into the role he was now shouldering alone.

As did the NYC summer shows, this tour featured a "hits" mixed with "unplugged" encore.

1996 - USA/Canada (date, city, venue - encore numbers, notes)

1996 - UK (date, city, venue - encore numbers, notes)

P.J.Proby took the place of Gary Glitter as The GodFather, as Glitter was busy with his annual Christmas concerts.

Things went so well, that they took the show on the road again for a 1997 - European Tour, followed by a return to the USA summer '97.

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